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X-Men Producers ‘Hesitant’ to Recast Wolverine

This just end! Hugh Jackman is and will always be thee Wolverine. Oh wait, we knew that already right? Right, and so does the producers over at Fox working on future X-Men projects. The team behind X-Men are even consulting Jackman in the future casting of his replacement! In an interview with ScreenRantX-Men and Logan producer, Hutch Parker says he’s hesitant on recasting the metal-clawed mutant and doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think for the moment our focus really is on other characters. I think there’s a part for all of us that feels like Logan, as played by Hugh, is the definitive performance of that character. And I think we’re all a little hesitant at the idea of rebooting it in any way. So, for the moment we’re going to look at – there’s so much else explore in the [X-Men] Universe and to play with. Particularly now as we’ve seen such bold tonal choices being made, I think that opens up the landscape as well, to seeing other genres living kind of fully within the comic book genre. And you saw that with Guardians of the Galaxy, I believe [it] is an exceptional example of that. Obviously Deadpool and Logan now, but I think there’ll be more to come.”

This writer sees no lies in what was said above. An interesting point to be taken from Parker’s quote was focusing on expanding the X-Men universe and doing so with more comic-book accurate material. So what does that mean? Well, it means that its 2017 and comic book movies are getting weirder and weirder and fans love it! The first X-Men  debuted in 2000, a time when superhero movies weren’t as prevalent as they are today, and had to be a more grounded. Fast forward to today where we have movies like Dr. Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy, sticking to the source material doesn’t seem too far-fetched!

It’s also worth noting that he mentioned Guardians, a space movie. with X-Men: Dark Phoenix coming out next year, what if we finally get to see the Shi’ar Empire, who played a pivatol role in the Dark Phoenix Saga. Or maybe Magneto’s Asteroid M will finally come to life on the big screen! Michael Fassbender is somewhat confirmed for Dark Phoenix and what else could Magneto be doing this time around?

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Logan‘s Blu Ray & DVD release hits shelves May 23rd!

Source: ScreenRant


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