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Woman of Wonder: Diana’s Impact

If you follow me on my Twitter account, (@Mikey_Talks), you know that I incessantly retweet, like, and share things about the upcoming Wonder Woman film, featuring Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Gal Gadot and several others. This is not only because it looks amazing (I mean come on, she broke a gun. WITH HER BACK.) but because I have a deep, strong connection with Diana Prince, and with Wonder Woman as a character. I wanted here, with this article, to shed some light on why that is.

When I was a kid, I never particularly had the best times growing up. I suffered from two mental illnesses, depression and anxiety, and was consistently bullied because of my sexuality. Often, my home life was no better because I couldn’t discuss my problems with my family, out of fear that they would be judgmental and rash. Often, instead of finding solace and relating to real people, I found my peace in fictional characters.

Diana Prince was one of those characters. My first experience with her was watching her animated cartoon on the computer after being fascinated with the character in Justice League: the Animated Series. I immediately fell in love with her: her bravery, her strength, her power. I began to read her comics, and knew that Wonder Woman was going to be one of my favorite DC characters of all time. She was just that potent and amazing. Of course it was great that she was a female superhero; as a kid, I loved seeing situations where minority or discriminated against groups were depicted as being strong and powerful. But it was more that she was just a great person.


Photo credit: DC Comics

Diana Prince is every good quality about Batman and Superman, with none of the bad. She has Batman’s tactics, his strategy, his smarts, and will go a little brutal if she needs to to get things done. She has Superman’s compassion, his loyalty to the people he cares about, and of course, his strength. But, on top of being a better fighter than both of them, she has something that both of them sometimes lack: nuance. She knows what battles to fight and what battles to walk away from. She understands that violence isn’t always the answer, but also knows that sometimes it’s necessary. Without her, the Justice League – and the DC trinity – would be nothing.

There’s some controversy surrounding Gal Gadot as a person, but the moment I saw her in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I knew she was Wonder Woman. There was something about her – mysterious, beautiful and confident, carrying herself like she knew she ran the world – that fit with the character to me. I haven’t seen the Wonder Woman film yet, but every shot of Gadot we’ve seen in all of the trailers looks gorgeous and absolutely perfect and amazing. She looks like she leapt off the comic book page.


Photo credit: Variety

So, people, I beg of you: see the upcoming film. As I said, it looks great and it really looks like the first film in the DC Extended Universe that could be universally loved by critics and audiences. It’s not trying to set up anything; it’s not a team movie; it’s not directed by Zack Snyder. It’s just a simple, plain ol’ origin story with amazing visuals, a great cast and what looks to be a really intriguing story.

I enjoyed Batman v Superman, but I know a number of people hated that film. (A number of people also hated Suicide Squad; while I didn’t hate it, I do dislike it and have major problems with the story). So I know the reception of the DCEU is rocky at the moment. But if Wonder Woman is anywhere near as good as it has the potential to be, we could be finally hitting the reset button on a franchise that desperately needs it. I’ve always said that the DC films have amazing ideas and concepts, but poor execution of said ideas and concepts. That could finally change with this film.


Photo cred: Screenrant

Not to mention Diana’s first rodeo is also the first major blockbuster to be both directed by and starring a woman, with a female superhero in the lead. If it fails, Hollywood might consider this a “women can’t deliver” problem, and maybe all the strong moves that are being made for inclusion of women will be postponed. It kind of has to make a lot of money. No pressure, guys.

But most importantly, as a fan of the character, I am just so excited to see her finally given her due diligence on the big screen. She deserves it.

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