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Overwatch Releases Teasers for Anniversary Event

It’s been about a year since Blizzard Entertainment launched the popular game Overwatch.  A few days ago, they announced a one-year anniversary event to celebrate the how far the game has come.


There have been speculative rumors as to what new items will be coming our way, a few guessing that the developers might even bring back old skins to allow players a chance to win those again during the event’s loot boxes.

Now, Overwatch has released some teasers across their international social media pages as to what’s to be expected for the upcoming Anniversary event.

Firstly from Overwatch’s Chinese Facebook page, new skins will be added for characters.  They appear to don a futuristic look:

Next, over on Overwatch Europe’s twitter, three new map will be added for players. They appear to be built a part of already existing locations: Temple of Anubis, Dorado, and Eichenwalde.

Additionally, new emotes are added and the characters now can dance and groove.

Last, but definitely not least from the Overwatch twitter page, new character voice lines!

Stay tuned for more updates as Overwatch reveals what new things they bring to the table.

The Overwatch Anniversary event will start on May 23, 2017 and go until June 12. Until then, make sure to stay on the payload and get to the point!

Source: Polygon

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