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New ‘Wonder Woman’ Clip Features Combat Face-Off Between Diana and Antiope

With two weeks left until Wonder Woman hits the big screen, BuzzFeed has released an exclusive new clip from the film that depicts the moment when Diana (Gal Gadot) realizes that she has extraordinary power.

The scene takes place during combat training when Diana’s aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright), tells her niece: “You’re stronger than this, Diana,” as the duo are surrounded by a group of Amazons.

Diana looks up at her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) for approval as she looks on at the battle from above, only to be pushed down by Antiope who yells at her, “Never let your guard down! You expect the battle to be fair?! A battle is never fair!”


Recently the social media embargo for the Wonder Woman reviews was lifted for any comments or posts that were spoiler free. The Patty Jenkins directed film has received rave reviews and if this scene is any indication of what to expect for the rest of the film, it’s easy to see why the reactions were so positive.

What do you think of the new clip above? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out Themyscira’s Princess and the rest of her Amazonian sisters when Wonder Woman charges into theaters on June 2!

Source: BuzzFeed

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