Janelle Monae and Leslie Mann Join Steve Carell in Robert Zemeckis’ Drama

Janelle Monae and Leslie Mann will now be joining Steve Carell as cast members for an upcoming film by Robert Zemeckis.  The film is currently untitled but it is going to be based off of the 2010 award-winning documentary Marwencol by Jeff Malmberg.

Marwencol follows a man named Mark Hogencamp built a miniature WWII-era village replica as a means to recover from a brutal attack that had previously left him in a coma.

Director Zemeckis will be producing this with his Uni-Based ImageMovers.  Jeff Malmberg is also expected to be an executive producer for this project alongside Jeckie Levine.

This will be Monae’s first role since her big-screen debut on both award-winning films Hidden Figures and Moonlight.

Are you excited about this documentary?  What future projects would you like to see Janelle Monae star in?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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