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Syfy Sets 2018 Premire Date For Krypton

Syfy seems to be hitting their stride recently with the additions of their new shows like The Magicians, and 12 Monkeys, and Killjoys. Since 2014, the channel has been in talks to produce another original series called Krypton, and it has gone through different stages of preproduction since its announcement. Every now and then we get a hint of casting news or a small teaser and there was even an incident where a trailer was released and then was subsequently pulled by the channel. Syfy has confirmed that the show will officially join their roster next year, in 2018.

Based in the DC Comics universe, Krypton will focus on the adventures of Superman’s grandfather and his family’s life on their planet prior to its destruction. The show stars Cameron Cuffe and Georgina Campbell, Rasmus Hardiker, Elliot Cowan and Wallis Day as Superman’s grandparents, Seg-El’s best friend Kem, Kandor’s chief magistrate Daron Vex, and junior magistrate Nyssa Vex respectively.

Are ya’ll excited for Krypton? Do you watch any of Syfy’s other shows and are therefore looking forward to this one? Let us know in the comments below!

Krypton will premiere on Syfy in 2018.



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