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The First Trailer for Fox’s ‘The Gifted’ is Here!

YESSSSSSSSS Well well, we have gotten #blessed on this Sunday night haven’t we geeks? As a certified member of the X-men, it brings me so much joy to do a write up on the X-Men cinematic universe’s first expansion into the small screen. After a teaser for the show dropped not too long ago, we finally have the first full length trailer to Fox’s new Fall series.

X-Men veteran, Bryan Singer helms the director spot once again in the upcoming series. It follows a family joining an underground mutant network after the parents discover their children have special powers. The trailer shows us both the mutant brother and sister unleashing and losing control of their powers. We also get shots of their father’s work as a possible mutant hunter. When it comes to his family, all work is put aside and they begin their journey on the run.

Some cool things to take away from this trailer: notable mutants! There were rumors that Singer would be making up characters rather than using some X-Men characters that haven’t had the honor to make it to the big screen. The trailer proved that to be wrong as we see Blink, Thunderbird and yeeeeessss Polaris, Magneto’s daughter.

Also, a character said a very interesting line that keeps poking at me. “The X-Men, the Brotherhood, we don’t even know if they exist anymore”. A clear nod to the cinematic universe, but what does this mean? Where are the X-Men & Magneto and why is their existence in question? The best theory I have is that this may take place sometime between X-Men: Days of Future PastLogan. We know from Logan that the Professor’s incident got rid of most X-Men along with the scientist’s serum that wiped out the rest of mutant-kind. Could this team of secret mutant service be working for that same corporation that made X-23? Whatever the hell it is, it seems lit!

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

The Gifted premieres on Fox this Fall!

Source: Twitter (@TheGiftedonFOX)


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