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‘Power Rangers’ May Struggle to Get a Sequel

It’s safe to say that Saban’s Power Rangers was an unsuccessful project commercially. While it managed to make back the money that was invested in it (just barely), and even though plenty of moviegoers really enjoyed the project – casual viewers and some critics alike – Lionsgate was probably expecting the film to do a lot better than it did – especially domestically.

Even with this sort of reception, a sequel is almost guaranteed in today’s world of franchises and world-building, and just about two months ago, there were not one, but five sequels planned to follow this group of mighty morphin’ teens. However, the future doesn’t look so clear for the team now.

Forbes has been keeping up with all of the film’s box office earnings, and it looks like the film will be ending it’s domestic box office run at $85 Million. That’s not too hot, considering it made $45 million of that during it’s opening weekend alone. Now these American films usually make a huge chunk of their money overseas, so you’d expect that to be the case with this too, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

The film opened in China just yesterday, and it only brought in a sad $1.2 Mill on opening day. Adding this to the rest of the money Power Rangers has made Internationally, we’re looking at around $50 million. Again, that’s not lit. Keep in mind that the film has yet to reach theaters in Japan, but at the rate it’s moving, we’re not expecting that to make much of a difference.


It’s disappointing to have to break this news seeing as how fun and fresh this movie was, but with an estimated worldwide total of $145M on a $100M budget, Power Rangers may have a bit of trouble getting even one of those five previously planned sequels.

Let us know how you guys feel about the potential of not seeing another Power Rangers film in the comment section below.

Source: Forbes


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  1. The movie was great until they morphed. It went from dark and grounded to cheesy and very 90s. But not the good kinda 90s throwback that I think they may have been going for with the original song. It didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the movie. We all kind of just looked over at each other like, what just happened. And then sunk in our seats like. We shouldn’t be in this movie right now. Felt way to old to be there. And then the next to minutes were filled with little kid like moments that I remembered from the original show.
    It missed it’s mark. Completely. It was so close though. I’m 26. The hype was there. We all showed up to see the movie and then they couldn’t do what transformers or marvel did. And keep the adults who grew up. The first hr+ was adult themed and FOR us. So why make the last ten minutes for people under the age of 10? Just didn’t click. I’d still see the sequel. Hands down. As long as the trailer showed that it wasn’t a cheese fest. And they listened to us and fixed it.

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