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Tyler Posey Wants to Be Captain Underpants

This past Sunday was the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards in Los Angeles, but unfortunately, due to an unprecedented hail storm, MTV had to cancel the annual red carpet beforehand which left fans who had camped out for the chance to meet some of their favorite celebrities both soaked and disappointed. However, there was a shining light in the rainy storm: Tyler Garcia Posey.


Posey was one of the few celebrities out and about in the wet weather and was more than willing to stop and pose with fans in between sliding around on the soaked carpet. The actor has spent the past five years playing accidentally bitten teenage lycanthrope Scott McCall on the MTV hit show, Teen Wolf. The second half of the series’ final season airs later this year and with his time playing the alpha werewolf hero coming to an end, it’s only natural for him to be looking for other hero shoes to fill and he proudly told MTV International exactly who it was that he could see himself playing next: Captain Underpants.

“I would love to be Captain Underpants, that was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, and still is.” 

Captain Underpants is based off a children’s novel series of the same name where two best friends George Beard and Harold Hutchins hypnotize their elementary school teacher into believing that he is “Captain Underpants”, the hero in the comic book series that the two are writing.  Unfortunately for Posey, the role of Captain Underpants in the upcoming film has already gone to Ed Helms and Thomas Middleditch and Kevin Hart have been cast as Hutchins and Beard respectively. The animated movie will also feature the voice talents of Jordan Peele, Kristen Schaal and Nick Kroll.


So what do ya’ll think? Would Posey have made a good Captain Underpants? Do you wish he had been chosen to voice the character over Ed Helms? Let us know in the comments below!


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