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Newly Released Photos Feature Peter Parker & Friends

With the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming release only a few short months away, we can all expect Marvel to be rolling out with sneak peeks, interviews and promotional material.

In the newest edition of popular teen magazine J-14, we get not only new photos of Tom Holland wearing the spidey suit, but also others featuring fellow cast members Laura Harrier, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon, who play Peter’s crush Liz Allen, “outcast” Michelle, and Parker’s best friend Ned Leeds respectively.  So far, Zendaya’s character Michelle has been a bit of a mystery as to whom exactly she is in the Spider-Man universe, but the spread does give a few more details about her, calling  her “a loner” and “super smart”, as well as “an eccentric girl who is often seen with her nose in a book.” The article even talks about some of the stunts we can expect to see in the film, Holland having actually performed them himself, including interviews with Batalon and Harrier.

While it wouldn’t be a superhero film without focusing on the crime-fighting elements we all love, the movie will also be focusing on Peter being in high school as well as his personal relationships to those around him. The film synopsis is as follows:

“Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear.”

So are ya’ll excited for the film? Or are you over all of the Spiderman reboots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 5th, 2017.


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