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Jason Momoa, Will Ferrell Set for Buddy Comedy

With Aquaman production just underway, Jason Momoa’s schedule isn’t slowing down.

Paramount just bought the rights to an untitled comedy starring Momoa and Will Ferrell. The story is being kept secret but sources say the pitch involved “a washed up TV star (Ferrell) reuniting with his now grown TV show son (Momoa) who has become a huge star.”

The script is being written by Andy Mogel and Jarrad Paul, who wrote and directed The D Train. Nick Stoller (The Carmichael Show) is producing with Gary Sanchez (The House).

Ferrell can be seen next with Amy Poehler in The House, which opens June 30.

Momoa will make a splash as Aquaman in Justice League Nov. 17 before appearing in his own standalone film December 21, 2018.

So are you excited about the idea of Ferrell and Momoa teaming up?

Source: Deadline



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