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First ‘Inhumans’ Photo Reveals Royal Family

Fans are anxiously waiting for their first real look at how Marvel plans to transition the Inhuman royal family to television.

Well they finally have a chance with the first official cast photo from Marvel’s Inhumans.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

The picture features (from left to right) Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Ken Leung as Karnak, Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, and Iwan Rheon as Maximus.

Inhumans follows the royal family as they flee from Attilan to Earth after a military coup. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Scott Buck characterizes the show as a serialized family drama.

“Basically we’re telling a story about a family at a very critical juncture in their lives,” said Buck. “When we meet up with them, we’re going to find that pretty much everything they’ve ever known is at risk.”

“We approach these all as real people who just happen to have these abilities, so they’re all very grounded people,” he said. “We try to write them as real as possible, and then have fun with the powers when we can. We want their powers to seem like a very natural part of their personality.”

The origins of Inhumans was introduced on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so there’s some question about whether the shows are connected within the MCU.

“We all inhabit the same universe, so things that have happened on S.H.I.E.L.D. will potentially affect our show as well,” said Buck.

The first two episodes were shot in IMAX to accommodate its theatrical premiere. For Buck this made production feel much bigger.

“The first two episodes feel like a movie, because [using IMAX] gave us a lot more freedom and encouraged us to think bigger than we would if it was just a normal network show,” said Buck.

Marvel’s Inhumans is set to premiere in IMAX theaters Sept. 1 before debuting on ABC in the fall.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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