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‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer is Finally Here

After years of development and production, fans finally got a look at the first trailer for The Dark Tower and it was definitely worth the wait.

Idris Elba is Roland the gunslinger, who must protect all of existence from the evil Man in Black, played with his usual cool by Matthew McConaughey. Roland is accompanied on his journey by 11-year-old Jake, a boy from Earth who has visions of the battle in Mid-World.

The trailer features lots of epic shots of Elba in full hero gunslinger mode. There were also plenty of interesting visual effects, which were said to be the reason for the delay getting to theaters.

The clip provides a close look at the mind of Elba’s beaten but not broken gunslinger. His speech about how he “kills with his heart” is all the proof anyone needs for why Elba was the perfect choice for this role.

Getting a glimpse at Roland in the film makes the news about a spinoff TV series also starring Elba especially exciting.


Of course Sony has more Dark Tower films planned, but whether or not they happen will ultimately depend on the performance of this first movie.

The Dark Tower stars Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Fran Kranz, Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnick, Jackie Earle Haley, and opens Aug. 4.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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