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‘Logan’ Exclusive Blu-Ray Packaging Revealed

No need to illegally stream Logan if you’ve been feigning for it guys. Just yesterday the Blu-Ray release date of May 23rd was announced; today, we have the official Blu-ray packaging exclusives that Best Buy, Target & Walmart will be dropping.

Walmart’s Blu-ray release comes with 9 different Wolverine posters (symbolizing the 9 X-Men films Jackman has been in) that come together as an homage to Hugh Jackman’s 17-year run as everyone’s favorite healing mutant.


Walmart Exclusive

Target’s exclusive packaging includes a booklet that the discs will be placed into, much like their exclusive release for X-Men: Apocalypse that I am the proud owner of. If the booklet receives the same treatment as Apocalypse‘s, it will have some cool pictures from the film along with possible nods to Fox’s next mutant-filled movie.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.57.55 PM

Target Exclusive

Last but not least we have the steel book in all its glory, only available at Best Buy. The cover was whipped up by illustrator, Steve McNiven.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.01.58 PM.png

Best Buy Steelbook Exclusive

The Blu-ray will include Logan Noir, which is the black & white version of the film that will debut in theaters May 16th. As of now Logan sits at $604M in the global box office. Here’s hoping this b&w release can get the movie up to $1Billion! THR released the additional 90-minutes of content that will be available on the discs as well. This includes:

  • Logan Noir: a black-and-white version of the film
  • Audio commentary by director James Mangold.
  • Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary by Mangold (Blu-ray only)
  •  Making Logan — behind-the-scenes documentary (Blu-ray only)

What do you guys think? I know I’ll probably end up buying the Best Buy & Target exclusives for the packaging alone!

Pick up Logan in stores on May 23rd!

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