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Release Date for Black & White ‘Logan’ Revealed

Since its initial release, Logan director James Mangold has talked about a black and white version of the film. Today he finally made it official with an announcement on Twitter.

Mangold tweeted that the movie will be seen in black and white, exclusively in the United States on the evening of May 16.

For the five people who didn’t see it, Logan is the journey of Wolverine and Professor X as they help a young mutant girl find freedom from those who experimented on her.

It’s also Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s final appearances in their famous roles. Well, that’s what they say now. Nothing is ever really final in the comic book world.

So far the film has made just over $600 million worldwide and is the fourth highest grossing X-Men film.

Fans who can’t make it to the theater May 16 can look for the black and white version on select DVD and digital editions of the movie.

Source: Comic Book Resources, Box Office Mojo

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