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Robert Zemeckis In Talks To Direct ‘The Flash’

The DCEU has been on a slippery road since it began. Movies like Man Of Steel and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice weren’t met with the excitement that Warner Bros. had hoped, especially given the fact that they are working to build their own Cinematic Universe. This summer will see the release of Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and in November we will finally see the league unite in Justice League. After that, WB has announced plans to release several stand alone films led by different league members one of them being The Flash. But this film can’t seem to find its footing either after losing two directors in Seth Grahame-Smith(The Lego Batman Movie) and Rick Famuyiwa(Dope). Now the movie is director-less yet again and the film’s script is also being re-worked by a new writer. So the question becomes can WB get it together in time to keep they’re already announced release date schedule?

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Well, Screen Junkies are reporting a rumor that’s circulating about famed director Robert Zemeckis being in talks to come on board as the new director for The Flash. Can you imagine? The same guy that directed Back To The Future could be helming the film led by everyone’s favorite speedster Barry Allen. Don’t forget that The Flash has the ability to time travel as well so maybe it’s a match made in Geek Heaven. However, when the story began to build traction, entertainment reporter Umberto Gonzalez took to his twitter account to clarify that Zemeckis has only taken a meeting with Warner Bros. about the film and that they are still meeting with other directors. Check the tweet below:


The DCEU has been met with criticism about the tone of their DC films. So it makes sense for them to want to meet with veteran directors. Zemeckis has a wonderful resume including Forest Gump and the animated film Beowulf that starred Angelina Jolie as the villain. It would definitely be an honor for a director like Zemeckis, who is already revered by geeks around the globe for making us fall in love with Marty McFly, to give us his take on such a popular superhero like Barry Allen. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they take a second meeting. If not, let’s hope for the best…and not Brett Ratner.

The Flash is expected to zoom into theaters in

Source: Screenrant, Screen Junkies

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