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Billy Eichner & Seth Rogen to play Timon & Pumba in Live-Action ‘Lion King’

Disney has continued to #bless fans on this lovely Tuesday and we may be closing in on some more casting news for Jon Favreau’s live-action Lion King remake. Not too long ago we wrote about Favreau dropping Lion King‘s release date on his Twitter account; now we have news from The Wrap confirming Billy Eichner & Seth Rogen as the iconic hakuna-matata duo, Timon & Pumba.

Rogen is no stranger to voicing animated characters. He’s worked on films like Kung-Fu PandaMonsters vs Aliens & more recently Sausage Party, which he also co-wrote and produced. Eichner is best known as the host of truTV’s Billy on the Street which is absolutely hilarious, it even earned him an Emmy!

There’s no doubt in my mind the two of these will bring amazing comedic chemistry to this movie. The more I stare at the picture, the more I can literally see these two as Timon & Pumba. If officially casted, Rogen & Eichner will star alongside Donald Glover as Simba & James Earl Jones who will be reprising his role as Mufasa. Beyonce is still rumored to play Nala, no word yet on any other characters.

Lion King will be roaring in theaters July 19th, 2019!

Source: The Wrap.

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