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Syfy Releases Krypton Teaser Trailer

The Syfy channel released a new promo for their upcoming show Krypton on their Instagram, only days after a full trailer was released and then immediately pulled by the channel. In this new teaser, we see a glimpse of the famous “S” symbol, before being dropped into open space with rocks hurtling past each other as a narrator talks about the effects of losing a civilization and how this will not follow the planet’s destruction but will tell the tale of how it was when it thrived.


Written by Ian Goldberg and executive produced by David Goyer, the show’s premise is that it will focus on the life and adventures of Superman’s grandfather on the planet of Krypton and will take place 200 years before the time period of Man of Steel, a film that was released in 2013 that starred Henry Cavill and started the current reboot of the Superman series.

Are ya’ll excited about Krypton and getting to see more of Kal-El’s home planet? Or are you still too hung up on Smallville to care about any other Superman prequel? Let us know in the comments below!

Krypton set to premiere on the Syfy channel later this year.


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