New Freeform Series ‘Siren’ Puts Twist on Mermaid Mythology

With its new drama Siren, Freeform has taken the sweet mermaid image of The Little Mermaid and turned it on its head.

The show focuses on the town of Bristol Cove, where local legend says mermaids lived before they were slaughtered by humans. A new girl in town signals the return of the fearsome creatures to take back the sea.

The trailer makes it clear that the mermaids in this town don’t mess around. They’re very creepy. While there are the usual Freeform teen romance elements, the premise and supernatural feel makes it more interesting than the channel’s usual fare.

The show stars Alex Ross as Ben, a marine biologist intrigued by Ryn (Eline Powell), the mysterious new girl in town. Fola Evans-Akingbola plays Maddie, a marine biologist who doesn’t trust Ryn. Ian Verdun as a fisherman out to expose the truth and Rena Owen as Helen, a quirky town character who knows secrets about mermaids.

The 10 episode first season of Siren is scheduled to premiere in summer 2018.

Source: Comic Book Resources


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