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Five Studios Fight for Rights to James Bond

Agent 007 James Bond has fought many battles on-screen throughout the years, but now he is the one to be fought over.

For about a decade, the super spy series has rested in the hands of Sony Pictures Entertainment starting when Daniel Craig stepped into the shoes of the infamous spy in Casino Royale.  The franchise has thrived and done well under Sony’s direction, giving the four Bond films worldwide attention and globally raking in $3.5 billion at the box office, after calculating for inflation.

But, with the last movie, Spectre (2015), Sony’s contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer and EON Productions concluded and now the rights for distribution to future James Bond films is up for grabs.

Image via New York Times

Sony gave their pitch, trying to keep their beloved spy agent.  Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai argued that Sony has extensive knowledge of Bond given the past experiences and thus would be able to help expand the franchise.  Also in the running to obtain James Bond are Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Annapurna.  Not partaking, however, in this feud for the super spy are Paramount and Walt Disney Studios.

Additionally, the very contract these five studios are vying for is only for the rights of one film.  It is possible that this is due to MGM and their private investors’ desire to keep their options open.

A surprising note is that casting has not been a topic on the table at these discussions.  It is possible that Craig will resume his role as Bond, especially since producers would like him to return.

What are your thoughts on James Bond?  Should MGM and EON keep him with Sony or is it time for another studio to take over?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section and let us know!

Source: New York Times

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