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First Openly Gay Lead Character Coming to the MCU

Earlier this week the character list for Marvel’s New Warriors series was revealed.

The most notable name was most likely Squirrel Girl, but Deborah Fields, aka Debrii was also named on that list. This is significant as she is the first openly gay character in the MCU.

According to Marvel’s character bio, Debrii is a trickster with low-televel telekinesis.  Her personality is proud, funny and quick-witted. She is confidently out as a lesbian and has experienced deep personal loss as a result of her super “heroics”.

Marvel fans have been calling an openly gay character in the MCU for many years as the demographic of LGBTQ superheroes in the comic books is not well-represented in the TV shows or films.

Debrii, who was created by Skottie Young,  has never hidden her sexuality in the comics and the same will go for the TV series.

Following the team of six superheroes, the live-action New Warriors series is set to premiere on Freeform in 2018 with 10 half-hour episodes.



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