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Marvel Reveals “Captain Marvel” Concept Art

On Monday afternoon, Marvel Studios invited select members of the press to tour their Burbank, California offices.

Those in attendance were able to see several details from upcoming Marvel films, but the concept art from Captain Marvel, Marvel’s first woman-led solo film proved to be one of the highlights.

It’s been reported that the costume in the concept art looks straight out of the comics, specifically the modern versions of Carol Danvers. Many outlets reported that Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel #1 is extremely accurate to the concept art shown.

Captain Marvel’s costume often has a lot of bright yellow along with the reds and blues, but that is downplayed quite a bit in the concept art, according to The yellow is light enough where it almost appears to be white.

Her hair was described as “windswept,” similar to what actress Brie Larson was sporting at the premiere of Free Fire on April 13, leaving some fans hoping we’ll see Carol Danvers on screen earlier than 2019.

However, artist Andy Park stressed that the costume is still evolving, and that Larson has yet to try on the costume featured in the concept art.

What do you want for Captain Marvel’s costume? Let us know in the comments!

Captain Marvel hits theatres March 3, 2019.


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