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Rebecca Ferguson Confirmed For Mission Impossible 6 Via Photo

Rebecca Ferguson, a renowned actress known for her work on films such as, Life, The Girl On The Train, Hercules and, in more of a correlation with this article, the Mission Impossible Franchise as the beautiful but incredibly deadly spy Ilsa Faust.

Now, Ilsa Faust is back and ready for a new mission (if she chooses to accept it) as a recent behind the scenes photo, snapped by the film’s director, Christopher Mcquarrie, has been posted and features Ferguson’s character in what seems to be a suit among a business meeting/war room set piece.

Now, if you’ve watched the film¬†Rogue Nation, you’ll remember that Ilsa Faust was the spy who started out as an assassin attempting to take out her target with a musical instrument turned sniper rifle but by the end of the film, and through double-crosses on both sides of the playing field, the character became something much more than she started: a valuable asset to the IMF and a fully-developed female character for the franchise.

Mission Impossible 6 shoots its way into theatres on July 27, 2018.

Source: Christopher Mcquarrie Twitter

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