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Michael McElhatton Will Star in Upcoming Justice Leauge Movie

A familiar face to fans of the HBO hit Game of Thrones will be making the jump from the small screen to the movie screen this upcoming fall. Michael McElhatton who played harsh tyrant and Warden of the North Roose Bolton will be joining the already star-studded cast of Justice Leauge when it hits theaters later this year.

McElhatton spoke vaguely about the film with Red Carpet News and even touched on the opening sequence of the movie which he calls, “pretty dark.” Of director Zac Synder, he had nothing to say but praise:

“He knows exactly what he wants, but yet he’s amazingly loose and open to suggestions from actors, and lines thrown in for something that is such a giant machine that you would have thought that was locked off…but there was an enormous amount of freedom.”

In the interview, McElhatton is clearly reluctant to reveal the name of his character or the role he plays, highly hinting at the amount of his importance in the upcoming film.


So are ya’ll excited about Justice Leauge? Or are the Marvel characters and storylines more your style? Let us know in the comments below!


Justice Leauge opens in theaters on November 17th.


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