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‘Gotham’, ‘Shield’ & More Likely to be Renewed

As of now there are 53 broadcast shows that have yet to be renewed. Some of our favorite comic-book television series like: Gotham, Agents of Shield, iZombie are a few whose future we’re unsure of. Entertainment Weekly dived into the matter with an article on the likelihood of these shows and many more.

According to the report, Agents of Shield is likely to get another season. There’s speculation that this may be the last season on ABC. While this past season’s story has been good, the ratings have still taken a huge hit. Another victim to poor ratings has been Fox’s Gotham.

Gotham is another show that’s expected to return this fall. Although the ratings for this show have dropped as well, this is a common trend amongst all of Fox Network. With that being said, the smart bet would be to keep the show running, as one of the highest rated shows currently on Fox’s Fall lineup.

Lastly, things are looking pretty grim for all you Powerless fans out there, EW predicts that the DC Universe tie-in comedy won’t make it for a second season. Mainly due to low ratings with a steady decline in each episode.

Do you think your favorite show is next on the chopping block? Here’s hoping not!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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