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‘Fate Of The Furious’ Is Speeding Towards The Biggest Global Opening Of All-Time.

Fast And The Furious, a franchise which relies on the three F’s (Family, Fast cars and Freakishly amazing action sequences)

Fate Of The Furious is the eighth installment within the franchise and is racing towards a $104 million on it’s opening weekend in the United States but is currently set to make record-shattering numbers as it’s estimated to earn $530 million globally, a record which was previously set by The Force Awakens, an installment within the Star Wars franchise.

Just in China, the film has managed to obtain over $200 million by the end of the weekend, which makes it the biggest opening in the span of three days from the country.

Fate Of The Furious is directed by F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job) and stars Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris and Scott Eastwood.

The film’s synopsis goes as follows: With Dom and Letty married, Brian and Mia retired and the rest of the crew exonerated, the globe-trotting team has found some semblance of a normal life. They soon face an unexpected challenge when a mysterious woman named Cipher forces Dom to betray them all. Now, they must unite to bring home the man who made them a family and stop Cipher from unleashing chaos.

What do you think? Does the franchise or the film itself deserve this type of recognition?

Fate Of The Furious raced into theatres on April 14, 2017.


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