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‘The Addams Family’ Live-Action Reboot Fancast

The Addams Family, our favourite ghoulish family. The Addams Family was conceived by cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938. The eccentric family was shown to American audiences in 1964 on ABC. The show spawned several TV shows, two feature films, video games, and a pinball machine. The characters have long been a staple in pop culture, Morticia, Gomez and Wednesday being the more popular of the family. Wednesday has had the most lasting impression on people, because she appeals to younger audiences. In recent years there has been a growing demand for the return of the spooky and macabre family. If the family is to be resurrected once again it would have to be done under Guillermo del Toro. Tim Burton has been a popular choice to direct the project, and had been attached to an animated movie several years ago. However, he has already done a similar film, Dark Shadows, and if his filmography is any clue of what he would do I would not be surprised to see Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham-Carter attached as Gomez and Morticia, no thank you.

So, let’s get started!


Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams

When it comes to casting popular fictional characters there is always a fan favourite that is supported by fans online. There is a clear and obvious choice for Gomez Addams, and his name is Oscar Isaac. Thanks to Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, we know he can rock a stellar moustache and can play a dark and eccentric character. Ex Machina proved he can bust a move, which is incredibly important for Gomez Addams. Isaac would be taking on the mantle that was previously played by Puerto Rican actor, Raúl Juliá. Juliá was a proud Latino man who wanted Latino talent to succeed on Broadway and Hollywood. To have Gomez be played by a Latino would honour the great actor, who loved this role! RIP Raúl Juliá.


Eva Green as Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams, the matriarch of the Addams Family. The iconic gothic femme fatale. She wears a a curve-hugging plunging black dress, with jet black hair, and pale white skin. Although she is human, maybe a witch too, she resembles a Vampire. Of all the actresses working today Eva Green is play Morticia Addams. Not only does she look the part, her filmography has been leading up to a role like this. She is Morticia in a lot ways, she is aloof, dark, mysterious, and has often commented on how she is perceived. Green has long been a fan favourite for the role, she has a history of playing dark and nefarious women. Green is also an excellent choice because she is French. A running gag in the Tv show and films is that Morticia speaks French to excite and seduce her husband. It would be nice to have Morticia actually be French, and for Green to speak in her natural accent, something she has wanted to do for sometime, and her fans as well.


Pedro Pascal as Fester Addams

This fancast was inspired by Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal’s real life friendship. Pascal may be a tad bit too handsome for the role, but how can one pass up the oppurtunity to have Isaac and Pascal play brothers. Fester is bald, hunched man, with sunken eyes, and a deranged look at all times. He has a love for electricity, and like his brother has jovial and good natured persona, but he comes across a bit more crazy. Fester is gentle, caring, and loves to encourage is niece and nephews dark pursuits. He is also a romantic, he is Morticia and Gomez’s biggest cheerleader.


Gina Rodriguez as Debbie Jellinsky

In this fancast Gina Rodriguez’s Debbie will not be an antagonist to the Addams family, but instead is an extended family member. The character was introduced in Addams Family Values as a black widow and serial killer. She enters the Addams Family’s life by trying to steal Fester’s fortune. What her presence highlighted was Morticia’s lack of female friends, or a sister to go on a hellish crusade with. Debbie also seemed lonely and in need of companionship. Debbie is an excellent counterpart to Morticia. Although both are disturbed people, they are total opposites when it comes personality, mannerisms, aesthetic, and backgrounds. I want to bring back Debbie to be Morticia’s friend/sister-in-law. I can see this being a very popular pair of girl friends, which we rarely get. Rodriguez has a bright and vibrant energy to her, which is necessary to make the psychopathic Debbie so likeable. It also compliments Green’s dark and mysterious energy.


Mille Bobby Brown & Marcel Ruiz as Wednesday & Pugsley Addams

Christina Ricci made Wednesday Addams iconic. Wednesday is unlike any other child female character, she was deadpan, devious, obsessed with death and oddly dressed for a little girl. She wasn’t a cute perky girl, and that’s what made her so popular, she was different. There hasn’t been a young actress who could do what Ricci did, but it seems Millie Bobby Brown can take on the challenge. Brown’s performance in Netflix’s Stranger Things showcases her ability to play an eery and powerful young girl. Brown can also convincingly play Eva Green’s daughter.

In my fancast I would like Pugsley, the unwitting accomplice to Wednesday, to have a more active role in the mischief. He is often seen as the sidekick, but I want him to be more of a partner to Wednesday. For Pugsley my casting choice is Marcel Ruiz. He stars on Netflix’s One Day at a Time, he has great comedic timing and proves he can play a sweet natured, and sometimes oblivious Pugsley. He is of Puerto Rican descent, which I believe would make the late Raúl Juliá very happy.

*Since I am not a casting director, I could not find young actors who are mixed race, so I compromised. Since there are many things about the Addams Family that go unexplained, I think a Caucasian daughter with a British accent, and a Latino son could be one of those unexplained things.


Javier Botet as Lurch

Javier Botet is a Spanish actor who has been in a couple of Del Toro’s films. He often plays nonhuman characters due to his elongated features, a result of Marfan syndrome. Lurch is a tall Frankenstein’s monster type character. Previous actors were 6 ft 9 or 7 feet tall. Lurch startles most people who venture into the families home, but is really a kind and gentle monster. Lurch is the Addams’ loyal butler and Wednesday’s best friend.


Lin Manuel-Miranda’s hand as Thing

Okay, I know what your thinking, “Lin Manuel-Miranda is just gonna be a hand?!” Hear me out. Yes, I would love it if Lin Manuel-Miranda offered his hand as the model for Thing. However, that’s not where his contribution ends. I would love it if he updated and fixed the Addams Family theme song. He is a musical genius and can fix the horrendous theme songs lyrics, and perhaps curate an amazing soundtrack. Also, Miranda is so talented I am sure his hand motions will be beautifully executed.


Neel Sethi as Joel Glicker

Joel Glicker is the young man who has his heart stolen by Wednesday Addams in Addams Family Values. He is characterized as introverted, geeky, and allergic to everything. Joel is “normal” compared to Wednesday and Pugsley, but he soon let’s his freak flag fly when they bond over their dislike for summer camp. He is seen at the end dressing up as Gomez, implying that he and Wednesday will have a similar relationship to Morticia and Gomez. I choose Neel Sethi to play Joel because he is impossibly cute, and has sweet and endearing presence. Also, he is a talented young man and deserves to be in more films!


Loreto Peralta as Amanda Buckman

Amanda Buckman is Wednesday’s enemy. She appears in both features films, and is the total opposite of Wednesday. She is characterized as the ideal American girl, although she is snobby and spoiled. She is often the victim of Wednesday’s devious plans at Camp Chippewa. I cast Loreto Peralta, a Mexican-American actress. I wanted to cast a blonde-blue eyed girl, but the twist is she is Mexican. Perlata is incredibly talented and embodies the perky, optimistic and cheery persona that irritates Wednesday so much. Perlata is a talent to watch, and this would be a big break for her.

That’s it. This is my Addams Family. I wanted to expand on what was started in the two Addams Family feature films. The casting of Raúl Juliá, a Latino actor as Gomez felt authentic and was a step forward for diversity and inclusion. I tried to keep that momentum going with this fancast, and also honour Raúl Juliá who was the heart and soul of the Addams Family films. (Gina Rodriguez, Marcel Ruiz, and Lin Manuel-Miranda are of Puerto Rican descent). I also insist that Guillermo del Toro helm the project or at least produce, his previous work with the Gothic horror genre makes him the perfect candidate to bring the Addams family back to life.

I hope you enjoyed this fancast, and are encourage to watch the 1964 show and various Addams Family adaptations.

Please share, comment, and have yourself a very dreadful day!

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