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‘Watchmen’ Getting R-Rated Animated Treatment

While the Watchmen graphic novel is considered a classic by some comic book fans, the film based on the book is much more divisive.

Despite the mixed feelings, Warner Bros. is giving it another try with an r-rated animated version.

For the unfamiliar, the Watchmen are a group of heroes of questionable morality in an authoritarian, but now weirdly familiar 80s. That’s the generic description of a book filled with violence and uncomfortable situations, that could only ever be made as an r-rated adaptation.

Warner Bros. A-List Community subscribers were recently sent a survey that featured a Watchmen r-rated animated film among its upcoming projects.


This is not a surprise, as DC has spent the last year building to an introduction of Watchmen characters in its Rebirth arc.

No doubt DC and Warner Bros. hope that the more focus they put on the characters, the better it will be for both projects.

Source: Comic Book Resources


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