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2 Series Regulars Added to ‘Arrow’ Season 6

Not too long ago, it was announced that Katie Cassidy would be returning to Arrow for season 6 as a series regular, not as Black Canary, but in the capacity of the villainous Black Siren, Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 doppelgänger.

Now, joining her in the ranks of series regulars will be Rick Gonzalez and Juliana Harkavey.  Both Gonzalez and Harkavey were recruited for Arrow season 5 and have been promoted to series regulars for season 6.

Gonzalez has been playing Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog, a vigilante and now-member of Team Arrow, and Harkavey in the role of Dinah Drake, former police detective and new member for Team Arrow.  Dinah was recruited into the team to fill the role of the new Canary, and it will be interesting to see her with her metahuman Canary cry go up against Black Siren. Both actors are exciting additions to the show and we can’t wait to see their future development and how their characters will be flushed out.

What do you think of these two joining the show as series regulars?  Tell us in the comments below!


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