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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer is Marvel and Disney’s Most Watched in Span of 24 Hours

Released on Monday April 10, 2017 by Disney, the parent company of Marvel, the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok has garnered over 136 million views within only 24 hours.  It seems that the promise of a Thor versus Hulk battle have caught many people’s attention to the Thor franchise.

With those numbers, this trailer has become the most watched in comparison to all of Marvel’s previous trailers.  In fact, the number of views surpasses even those across all of Disney’s divisions including Star Wars and Pixar.

The trailer itself definitely captures one’s attention with its stunning cinematography and effects.  Not to mention, it definitely channels a certain Guardians of the Galaxy vibe with the editing and music choices.  Not only that, we get sci-fi aspects that tease all the characters and events that are expected to occur, such as Thor’s battle with Hulk and even Hela.  With an adrenaline-rushing trailer like that, it’s no surprise that it has quickly caught much enthusiastic attention from new and returning fans.


Previously, the record for most-watched trailer within the 24-hour frame was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which raked in 127.6 million views.  From the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was watched 112 million times.  And Captain America: Civil War previously maintained that record for Marvel at 94 million views.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to be released in the U.S. on November 3, 2017.

Watch the trailer for yourself and see if it’s worth the hype.  Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited to see from this movie.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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