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Jessica Jones Casting Call Reveals Possible Character Additions for Season 2

As the second season of Jessica Jones begins filming in New York City, a recently released casting call for the show goes as follows:

[DR. KIRBY] 60s, male, open ethnicity, scientist & freethinker SERIES REGULAR – ONE YEAR DEAL

[PRESLEY] Late 30s, Male, African American, intelligent, driven, self-assured FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR

[OLIVER] 34-38, male, Latino, artistic, paternal, smart, scruffy and hip SERIES REGULAR

[INGRID] Early-mid 30s, 5’8 – 5’11, female, dark hair, attractive and edgy, has a history of living on the streets. Educated as a nurse, but street-wise. She is attracted to men and women…SERIES REGULAR

With such vague descriptions, it’s clear that Marvel Television is definitely trying to keep us in suspense about what exactly the upcoming season is going to hold. That being said, in the past, they have used codenames in their breakdowns that matched the same first letter of the actual character names. Using this familiar system, some theories about the upcoming characters are that “Dr. Kirby” is actually Dr. Karl Malus, “Presley” is Paul Denning, A.K.A., Paladin, “Oliver” is Otis Johnson, and that “Ingrid” will be Typhoid Mary.

In the comics, Malus was known for founding the “Institue for Supernormality Research” and was the person responsible for some of the more obscure street-level villains. Paladin made his debut in Daredevil and is a womanizing mercenary whose code of honor can sometimes stop him from finishing his job and has made his own share of appearances with the main members of the Defenders group. Otis Johnson has connections to both Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, and has the same powers as Luke Cage, though he’s not nearly as physically intimidating. And while a name match like the others would be Ian Soo, Marvel has strayed from this formula before (In season one, Nuke is “Will Simpson” instead of “Frank Simpson”) and Typhoid Mary’s power set which includes telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and highly developed martial arts skills, could make her a serious threat for not only Jessica, but everyone she comes in contact with.

How do ya’ll feel? Do these guesses make sense or are they way off? Are you planning on watching season two or is Jessica Jones not really your style? Let us know in the comments below!


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