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Details Emerge About The Last Jedi Trailer And The Villainous Snoke

Star Wars, an incredible franchise with jaw-dropping visuals, impressive characters and the magnificent ability to effortlessly world-build.

New reports originating from a collection of websites based around the news and mythos of Star Wars have details and pieces of interesting information about the trailer for The Last Jedi and the antagonist Snoke.

The first report, coming from Star Wars News Net, says that during Celebration we will have a “full trailer” rather than “a brief teaser” and although there isn’t a mention or description of the trailer’s footage this trailer should be able to keep the fanbase calm until the film releases in cinemas.

The next modicum of information comes from Making Star Wars and gives details about what we should expect from the mysterious Snoke. The website’s report goes on to describe the villain’s attire and says that he’ll be wearing a “gold silky robe along with matching slippers” and a ring which is equipped with a black Kyber crystal. Snoke will also be protected by “Praetorian Guards” who seem to be in similar vein to Palpatine’s “Royal Guard” as they’re described as having “glossy red armor, shell plating, red cloth capes and martial arts weaponry.”

Making Star Wars also notes that Snoke will also be housed in what’s being considered a “mobile command unit” and is the First Order’s base of operations. The ship is titled the “Mega Destroyer” and is the “biggest ship we’ve seen in Star Wars outside of a Death Star.”

Lastly, it’s said that Snoke and The First Order are said to be “relentlessly hunting the resistance fleet and Poe and his gang have a reason to run.”

Now, not much to go on, but still sounds pretty cool, eh?

The Last Jedi slices its way into theatres on December 15, 2017.

Source(s): Star Wars News Net & Making Star Wars

(Credit To JohnOsborne on DeviantArt for Article Image)

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