Batgirl is my all-time favorite character, so the announcement that Joss Whedon would be producing, writing and directing a Batgirl movie was the greatest news I’ve heard in a longtime. Apparently, I wasn’t the only who completely geeked out since the nerd world pretty much exploded. The fancasting started immediately and included a lot of familiar names.

Rumor has it the film will focus on The New 52 story. In this incarnation, Barbara is back on the street fighting crime after recovering from being paralyzed by the Joker. While she must learn to trust herself again, she also deals with the post traumatic stress that still haunts her.

These cast picks lean heavily on Whedon’s penchant for working with the same actors. There’s also the added caveat that major characters are already established and new actors must be able to hang with these veterans. In the DC Extended Universe Ben Affleck is Bruce Wayne/Batman and J.K. Simmons is Commissioner Gordon.


Felicia Day as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Felicia Day is the perfect choice. She can handle drama, comedy and action. Barbara is bit quirkier than the other members of the Bat Family and Day has quirkiness in spades. She’s a strong woman who is also able to show vulnerability, which is the essence of Barbara. As Batgirl she’s one of the guys while keeping her femininity alive. Day will balance all these character aspects, as well as hold her own with Affleck and Simmons.


james jr-dean ambrose-ladders copy

Dean Ambrose as James Gordon Jr.

There’s no word on who the villain could possibly be. Barbara often fights characters from Batman’s rogues gallery, but, she has fought against one person who really knows how to hurt her. James Gordon Jr., her long-lost mentally unstable brother. For this role some outside the box thinking was needed, therefore, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose would be an extremely fun choice.

Before the fanboys go nuts, just wait and hear me out. His WWE character is called the Lunatic Fringe. His whole gimmick revolves around him being completely crazy and unpredictable. He obviously can handle any action and fighting that a movie like this requires. There’s the added bonus that his story could end with a cameo from Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and James joining the Suicide Squad.


Eliza Dushku as Helena Bertinelli/ The Huntress

No matter what story the film is based on, the other members of the Birds of Prey must be included. Helena is a former mob daughter turned hero with a serious chip on her shoulder. Whedon favorite Eliza Dushku will balance The Huntress’ badass fighting skills and attitude with the internal sadness of someone who has lost so much.


Evan Rachel Wood as Laurel Lance/Black Canary

The third member of the team should be someone who is very familiar with the action/sci-fi/fantasy genre. Evan Rachel Wood would be a great Laurel. As the only one of the Birds of Prey with an actual superpower, Laurel exudes a certain confidence that Wood can definitely handle. The chemistry between Day, Dushku and Wood would be amazing to watch.


Alfred Enoch as Luke Fox/Batwing

In the New 52 timeline, Barbara had a romantic relationship with Luke Fox, the son of Lucius Fox. Any man who tries to keep up with Batgirl will need to be both physically and mentally strong. Alfred Enoch would provide a grounded balance to Barbara’s struggles, while being able to keep up with her as Batwing.


Aja Naomi King as Kara Zor El/Supergirl

The success of the TV show makes it a long shot that Supergirl will appear in the films. However, if the studio decides to bring her in, this seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce her. Kara and Barbara have fought together many times and have bonded over being stuck in the shadow of their famous mentors. Aja Naomi King would make a great Supergirl and send a powerful message at the same time. Also, the studio will need to cast someone who is completely different from TV’s Melissa Benoist and King obviously fits the bill.

The Batgirl announcement is still very new so there’s almost no information on anything. This dream cast is probably the first of many, so let us know what you think and leave your praise or suggestions in the comments.

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