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Spider-Man Game Swings to PS4 in 2017

VP and Executive Editor of Marvel Digital Media Ryan Penagos has stated that Insomniac Games’ 3D action-adventure game Spider-Man is set for a 2017 release.  Penagos made this surprise announcement on Marvel’s THWIP! online variety show on a segment discussing what can be expected for this year.

Marvel, Sony, and Insomniac have been very hush-hush about any news regarding the Spider-Man game, especially in regards to its release date, leading some fans to speculate it coming out in 2018.

spider-man-2017-marvel.jpgImage via Game Rant

Despite the fact that Penagos did announce it on the variety show, it might not be completely official.  Though he is an official PR representative for Marvel and thus would have insider information of tentative release dates and teasers, the news may be taken with a grain of salt.  With any live show, it is possible that Penagos got caught up with the enthusiastic flow of the show and was a little carried away with announcements.  For the rest of us, we wait with bated breaths for an official announcement from Marvel, Sony, or Insomniac.

Spider-Man will be an exclusive 3D adventure-action game for PlayStation 4, and it will be developed by Insomniac Games.

Source: Game Rant

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