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Agents Of SHIELD’s Patriot Is Given A New Costume

Jeffrey Mace, a “Golden-Age” hero with Captain America-like ideals, was given quite the makeover for his live-action counterpart on Agents of Shield. He was morphed into the team’s newest director at the beginning of the new season and was hinted at being more than just a man, although that was soon proven false.

He was later given the chance to become an enhanced individual by a program known as Project Patriot, a Glenn Talbot supported project in the same vein as the Super-Soldier project during the earliest days of World War II that granted Steve Rogers his abilities.

Now, Jeffrey Mace has a whole new life to pursue due to the events of the Framework universe. He’s an outlaw on the run from the Hydra and its leader Madame Hydra.

So, armed with an all-new costume and enhanced abilities, Mace is expected to fight against Hydra and it’s villainous antics.

The Agents of SHIELD covertly make their way back onto the small-screen on April 4th.


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