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Rumor Alert: Obi-Wan Spin-off to be Announced at Star Wars Celebration

The Obi-Wan stand alone movie might be one of the most anticipated movies to never be confirmed. After Ewan McGregor (the actor who portrayed young Obi Wan Kenobi in the “infamous” Star Wars prequels) mentioned that he would be willing to take on the role again, fans have not stopped talking about it. Lucasfilm might actually be listening to all this commotion in favor of the idea.

According to an article by Star Warsz News Net, it is possible that this anthology film could be confirmed as soon as this April at Florida’s Star Wars Celebration. The article mentions that Lucasfilm have three projects that aren’t confirmed that they are currently working on, and one of them is based on Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The movie would most likely be based around the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. A lot of people including Ewan himself agree that that time period of the character being the last known jedi would be the best to draw on.

Based off the article it seems like Rogue One director, Gareth Edwards, could even be the director for the unconfirmed movie. Rogue One was a hit among fans and critics alike, which to no ones surprise lead to the director earning Kathleen Kennedy’s (president of Lucasfilm) trust. Although Gareth Edwards has stated that he will be taking a break from directing for bit, there is a possibility that he could at least be apart of the project since it will be in a couple of years.

Even though none of this is concrete, the Star Wars community might explode if it does happen. For now you can always check out some of the extended universe, re-watch Rogue One which is already out on digital HD, or just get really pumped for The Last Jedi which comes out this December.

Source: Star Wars News Net


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