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New ‘Wonder Woman’ Footage Focuses on Diana, Steve Relationship

During its CinemaCon presentation Warner Bros. had a lot to talk about. In addition to new footage from Justice League and Aquaman, the studio delivered a superhero trifecta with new Wonder Woman clips.

In the scenes, the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor took center stage. Director Patty Jenkins and co-star Chris Pine introduced the footage, which featured Steve and Diana on the boat to London.

Diana needs to know where the center of the war is so she can find Ares, the God of War. She thinks killing him with her aptly named Godkiller sword will end the war.


Diana retrieves the Godkiller sword from the Amazon throne room. Source: Warner Bros.

“The god of war is our responsibility. Only an Amazon can defeat him … with this,” she says, holding her sword. “Once I do, the war will end.”

At bedtime Diana wonders why Steve won’t sleep with her. The exchange leads to questions about her father. As longtime fans know, Diana’s parentage is somewhat complicated.

“Have you never met a man before? What about your father?” asks Trevor. “I had no father. My mother sculpted me from clay and I was brought to life by Zeus,” she says.

Apparently her reply caused a lot of laughs for the crowd. The rest of the footage featured Diana in a big fight scene.

Warner Bros. is looking at Wonder Woman to save its struggling DCEU. The first three films were box office successes, but not well liked by fans. With both Wonder Woman and Justice League set for release in 2017, the studio needs a bona-fide hit.


Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright as General Antiope, Lucy Davis as Etta Candy and David Thewlis attacks theaters June 2.

Wonder Woman will then be seen in Justice League Nov. 17.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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