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Brad Pitt Officially Out as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

It looks like the rumors of Brad Pitt being considered for Deadpool 2‘s Cable had some truth to it! There were even dope concept art pictures swirling around of Brad Pitt as Cable. It’s no wonder why the role of Cable is such a pivotal one for this movie; Cable has played a big role in the Deadpool and X-Men comics with his time-traveling. Director David Leitch spoke to at CinemaCon recently and had this to say regarding the Brad Pitt rumors:

“We had a great meeting with Brad, he was incredibly interested in the property. Things didn’t work out schedule-wise. He’s a fan, and we love him, and I think he would’ve made an amazing Cable.”

This close to finally having one of the largest roles in the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel filled. Before Pitt, there were rumors of Man of Steel‘s Michael Shannon taking on the helm as Cable, as well as Stranger Things‘s David Harbour. Recently, Atlanta‘s Zazie Beetz has been casted as Domino in the sequel with the king, Ryan Reynolds himself, reprising his role as Deadpool.

Deadpool is set to break the fourth wall again in 2018! Until then, enjoy this gift we got from Logan!



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