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RUMOR ALERT: Adi Shankar on Sony’s ‘Venom’ Director Shortlist

Ever since the news that Sony was still developing a standalone Venom movie hit the web a couple of days ago, a lot of news regarding the film has been popping up online. To many fans’ disappointment, it was announced that the film would not revolve within the MCU, which is a bit of a surprise to some.

It’s unsure what Sony has up their sleeve at the moment, but they’re moving forward with this project at a pretty fast rate. So fast, that it seems we may already have the name of a potential director for the film.

According to an exclusive with Slash Report, Sony has their eyes on Adi Shankar, an industry man who’s known for putting a dark and interesting spin on projects that he takes on. If his name sounds familiar but you still can’t quite remember who he is, maybe you’re familiar with that dark and badass Power Rangers short film he produced that dropped in 2015.

While that’s not exactly a lot to go on, bringing in someone who’s relatively unknown to the public seems to be the route that most of the big Hollywood studios are going in lately. So if Sony actually went forward with Shankar, it wouldn’t be surprising. Of course, some people would just need a bit more to go on to be sold on his ability to helm a film about one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains.

What do you guys think, though? Should Sony give him a chance, or should they stick to a big director that we know would be able to do this one justice? Sound off in the comment section below.

Source: Slash Report

Venom is scheduled for a release date of October 5th, 2018


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