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Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Just Might Have Music

“Let’s. Get down. To business!” If you didn’t just sing that line, please exit this post and go do your homework kid. Now, to all the real ones out there still with me, you read right. Director Niki Caro allegedly shut down the idea of music from the animated film’s iconic soundtrack being included in the live-action release and fans were pretty disappointed. Caro now had this to say to LA Times when asked about the recent uproar from fans regarding the matter:

“I don’t know where that’s come from. We’ve never talked about songs, and no decision has been made.”

Not quite the definitive answers many were looking for, but there’s still hope! As of now I can imagine the live-action Mulan looking into a mirror with the animated Mulan movie looking back singing “when will my reflection show who I am inside?” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Mulan will kick off in theaters November 2, 2018.

Source: LA Times


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