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Thor: Ragnarok Writer Chris Yost Working on Silver Sable, Black Cat ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff

Sony seems to be pretty busy with their Spider-Man spin-off film universe.

Less than a week ago, we announced that Sony reportedly had plans to introduce a Venom film to the big screen. It’s now been revealed that they’re also working on a spin-off featuring two of the webslinger’s female characters: Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Deadline broke the news not too long ago, and with that they announced that Chris Yost, the writer for Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, is already working on the script for this project.

Now, we all know that Marvel Studios just introduced a new Spidey in Captain America: Civil War, and he’s getting a solo film soon as well. However, it’s still not confirmed whether these spinoffs will directly affect his character. You would assume they would because, well, they’re Spider-Man villains. You can’t exactly have a film about his characters without him showing up at least once.

Black Cat is a pretty well known supporting character for Spidey. Silver Sable on the other hand, is a bit less known to the average comic book reader. We hope that Sony isn’t biting off more than they can chew with all of these spinoffs.

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Source: Deadline

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