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Michael Shannon Is The Frontrunner For Cable In Deadpool Sequel

The search to find the right actor to play Cable continues!

The pre-production process for the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool has not been the smoothest road to walk on. Director Tim Miller, who was the brains behind the production that made Deadpool a huge box office and critical success, left the production due to creative differences with the film’s star Ryan Reynolds. Apparently, the two couldn’t come to an agreement on which actor should play the mutant Cable or the type of tone the sequel should have. Reynolds hasn’t had the best of luck with comicbook movies so its understandable that his passion for the sequel is relentless and that he would want the film to live up to the hype.

After actress Zazie Beets (Atlanta) was officially announced to be portraying the mutant Domino, fans anxiously await to find out who will have the honor in playing Cable. Many names have been put in the pot like David Harbour (Stranger Things) but according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter Michael Shannon (Man Of Steel) is the frontrunner to play the fan favorite time traveling mutant.

Source: Marvel

Michael Shannon definitely has the presence, attitude and physicality to bring a live action portrayal of Cable to life. Plus, coming off of a recent Academy Award nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role in the drama film Nocturnal Animals, it’s obvious that Shannon has what it takes to embody all of the complex characterisitics that make Cable such an intriguing character.

If you aren’t familiar with the character of Cable, here’s some quick facts about him to know before Deadpool 2 goes into production. Cable’s real name is Nathan Summers and he is the son of Scott Summers aka Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor who is a clone of Jean Grey. Cable was taken to the future in order to save his life but then returned from that future as an older man whose mission was to stop the mutant villain Apocalypse from enslaving the world. Cable is an excellent marksman and fighter. He was born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities and also has a cybernetically enhanced arm. He is the leader of the X-Force and was also a member of the X-Men. It is uncertain what his origins will be in the Deadpool sequel or how he will connect to the larger X-Men universe. 

Deadpool 2 is still in pre-production and no plot synopsis has been released as of yet. According to script writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, a casting announcement will be coming very soon. Do you think Michael Shannon is a good choice to play Cable? What actors do you have in mind to play him? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Deadpool 2 has an expected release set for 2018.

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