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New ‘Inhumans’ Set Video Shows Trouble For Anson Mount’s Black Bolt

The Inhumans, A royal family unlike any other.

Marvel’s Inhumans is currently filming within Hawaii, and with that comes an assortment of set videos and pictures taken by the locals, including the Hawaii Isla 808 Twitter account.

The footage has Anson Mount, now clad in a business suit instead of traditional garb, sprinting away from two police cars:

This footage and the pictures that accompany it come just mere weeks after Black Bolt’s initial costume reveal.

Now, not much is known as to the plot of this series or even as to why Blackagar Boltagon is on Earth instead of his technologically-advanced home of Attilan. However, fan theories have been circulating the web and the comments sections of certain websites.

A fairly popular theory stems from an old Inhumans comic run where Maximus The Mad (played by Iwan Rheon in the series) gives Black Bolt amnesia and sends him to earth, during Blackagar’s absence, Maximus takes control of the throne and Attilan as a whole.

Pretty cool, huh?

Source: Hawaii Isla 808 (twitter)

The first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans scream their way into IMAX theatres on September 1, and the ABC series will continue on September 26.

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