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New Matrix Movie Might Actually Be a Morpheus Prequel

A few days ago it was revealed that Warner Bros. has plans on producing new ‘Matrix’ films, with Zak Penn attached to write the first treatment. When the news first broke, it was stated that Warner Bros. would be rebooting the franchise, but Birth.Movies.Death. claims that the studio actually has plans to expand the universe with new films, with one of the films being a Morpheus prequel.

Zak Penn, current writer for the untitled Matrix project took to twitter to clarify the position of the new films.

According to B.M.D’s sources, Warner Bros. has created a writer’s room for the Matrix franchise, thus giving evidence that they plan to create an expanded universe out of the films. Apparently, one of the more favored concepts for the franchise is a prequel focused on Morpheus, and that very well likely may be the project that Warner Bros. wants Michael B. Jordan to star in. How would you guys feel about MBJ taking the spotlight as Morpheus in a movie focused on the kick-ass character? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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