Will.I.Am Creating a Comic With Marvel

Black Eyed Peas front man and producer, Will.I.Am, is releasing a comic book with Marvel.

It was announced by Billboard today that, Black Eyed Peas Present Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles will be set in futuristic Los Angeles and will of course be complete with zombie apocalypse and alien invasion action rolled into one.

The story’s main character is  a hip-hop enthusiast who goes by the name, Zulu-X. Unfortunately for him, he finds himself between a very terrible rock and equally terrible hard place when he gets caught in an alien invasion, on top of the world already going through a zombie plague.

Aside from the zombies and aliens, the book will also tackle Los Angeles street culture, ancient evil orders, and social issues. It seems like this comic has something for everyone.

The book will be penned by Will.I.Am and feature artwork from Damion Scott and Benjamin Jackendoff.

Let us know if you plan on picking up a copy when Black Eyed Peas Present Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles hits the shelves in July!

Source: Billboard, io9


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