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Thor: Ragnarok is Going to Be an Awesome Movie, at Least I Hope so

Thor: Ragnarok is a film joining the ranks of the MCU, and has been hailed as something that will be both unique and vital to the currently moving train that is this massive universe. But because of this, the film has gained followers but also lost several as well. One of the larger problems for people boils down to the title: Ragnarok. The place where all things end, basically. People haven’t been to happy considering that the film has this title, but has also been referred to as a buddy comedy or just an overall fun film (boy, do people hate that word “Fun”) by the cast and director. Many feel that with a title including the word Ragnarok, that the film should be a dreary and lonesome experience where everyone dies and Thor walks away the lone survivor. That sounds terrible and like something even the most depressed person wouldn’t exactly support or even want to watch.

And that’s where I think Ragnarok will find success: So far, it doesn’t seem to be a hum drum affair that is akin to an ultra violent God Of War video game. It’ll actually have unique character and heart to it. The colors seem to pop in the stills recently released, and the characters look different when standing next to each other. So far, we haven’t seen any black goo like creatures that act like mindless drones connected to one intelligent source, and that’s a pretty good thing. Ragnarok looks set to take the superhero genre and give it an added kick in the guts for more creativity. People love to say that thus far, Marvel’s films look exactly the same and lack any change, yet when a movie like Ragnarok is set to be released (one that is different and has character), those same people essentially say “no, not like that.”

Another thing some people either fail to realize or just choose to flat out ignore is that the film’s director, Taika Waititi, is talented (like basically every director Marvel has hired, but I’ll get into that at another time). Some people feel like the madman behind this film is some incapable and ill-prepared intern on the Disney premises, when in reality it’s a man who actually knows how to direct a cast and crew. I know, seems weird right? But part of that boils down to the group of people who simply see the Marvel logo and say, “that right there is the Devil” (those people are rather odd as it is). while also a part of it boils down to people who have a bad habit of writing something off before they see it, and then suddenly falling in love with it after its release. That’s why I’d recommend viewing Taika’s work – you have google, you can easily find it – before making a sweeping statement that Ragnarok will be a bad film. It’s never a bad thing to be cautious about a film that’s going to be released, it’s another to say “even though I’ve seen none of the director’s work, I know it’ll be bad”.

While I myself am completely sold on the shear thought of this film alone, I simply want others to possible part the hair covering their eyes, and maybe consider that Thor: Ragnarok could actually be a very good thing.


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