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Director Gina Prince-Bythewood Talks Diversity in Cloak & Dagger Series

Director, Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love & Basketball, Secret Life of Bees, Beyond the Lights) was recently doing press for her upcoming Fox series, Shots Fired when she spoke to about directing the pilot for Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.

The show will focus on Cloak and Dagger’s coming-of-age stories. The pair are from vastly different backgrounds but come together upon learning they’re both sharing a secret that no one else knows about.

Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt will be portraying the aforementioned duo on ABC’s Freeform.

About the show and diversity, Prince-Bythewood said:

“I’ve just been a fan of Marvel. When I heard what the story was about, it was right into my wheelhouse and the fact that my boys are big comic book guys and honestly, three years ago I was watching a Marvel show and my youngest ask when will we have a Black superhero. The fact that we’re so excited for Black Panther to come out, and the fact that I got to put something out on TV with a young female superhero and a black superhero was just a gift.”

When asked about the diversity within the Marvel and DC television and film realms- specifically in regards to Ryan Cooler directing the upcoming Black Panther film, Cheo Hodari Coker as the show runner for Luke Cage, and Mara Brock and Salim Akil teaming up for CW’s upcoming Black Lightning series, she continued:

“I came in to do the pilot so I’m excited for the opportunity to do it. It was such a great script and to be able to help create the look of the show was exciting for me. I love that they are starting to open up and broaden who there are bringing in.”

Hopefully they keep the diversity coming!

Let us know if you’ll be watching Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger when it premieres in 2018.


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