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Latest ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Focuses on Warrior Origins

In the newest trailer for Wonder Woman, fans are treated to a look at the origin of how a princess became a hero.

The clip includes a look at young Diana setting eyes on the Amazon vault for the first time. She is also seen learning to fight and discovering her true power.

When Steve Trevor crashes on Themyscira, Diana knows she must leave home to protect the world. However, it’s not exactly love at first sight with the big city.


Previously released plot details confirm that a great deal of the film will delve into Amazon history and how they became the great warriors that they are now.

Warner Bros. needs Wonder Woman to reinvent the narrative of its DC Extended Universe. The first three films of the franchise have been box office successes, but have been met with bad reviews from critics and fans.

Following her solo outing, Wonder Woman will then appear in Justice League, which is scheduled for release Nov. 17.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.

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