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Twitch Streams All the ‘Power Rangers’

It’s Morphin time!

To prepare fans for the upcoming release of the new Power Rangers movie, Twitch will have a marathon featuring almost every episode of the TV show.

Twitch is a video game streaming site that has started to stream TV marathons.

The Power Rangers marathon runs March 14 at 11 am PT through March 30. It does not include the currently airing Power Rangers: Ninja Steel.

The series is about 5, sometimes 6, teenagers who tap into the power of various animals, and use their now advanced martial arts skills to fight easily defeated bad guys. Each episode culminates in the Rangers combining their giant robots to beat a giant monster threatening the city. Yes, it’s as silly as it sounds, however, it’s also a lot of fun.


Ridiculous though it may be, the Power Rangers have run in various incarnations for 23 seasons and 831 episodes. Of course the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are obviously the best of the bunch.

The Twitch marathon can be found at Twitch users can stream the event on their pages and add commentary over the marathon.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24.

Source: Variety

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