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‘Mr. Robot’ Delayed Until October

One of Summer’s most fun, brain twisting shows won’t be back until Fall.

USA Network’s Mr. Robot will not premiere its third season until October. As a matter of fact, the show won’t even start production until April.

Mr. Robot follows hacker Eliot, brilliant played by Rami Malek, through his mundane life in a brain twisting, reality altering timeline that makes for fascinating storytelling. It’s one of those shows where every scene means something.

There’s no fast-forwarding through this one. Also, things never really make complete sense until the season finale. However, unlike the somewhat similar Legion, viewers are given answers throughout the season.


In good news, recurring player BD Wong has been upped to series regular. Joining the cast for season three is the always entertaining Bobby Cannavale (Spy, Will and Grace). He will play used car salesman Irving.

Source: TV Line


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